D.I.Y Fence and Irrigation

Rabbit Proof Fencing 


The fluffy beasts, although completely adorable need to be kept away from our flowers. Therefore a rabbit proof fencing has been installed.


Home made I think is the way forward, it is the cheaper option and gets the creativity flowing. So with all the equipment in tow we built a fence around the beds. The aspects: chicken wire, wooden posts and a gate literally Bobs your uncle.

This was made 2 m away from the flower beds, again to allow the mower to do its thing and to tend to the blooms. The rabbit wire didn’t need to be dug meters into the ground to stop them from burrowing, surprisingly enough rabbits will only burrow where the fence meets the ground and if the wire runs at 45 degree angle along the ground then they cant burrow downwards and therefore they think they cant get in.

FullSizeRender 10


The Irrigation System 


As it is an open ground the blooms will have full sunlight and therefore in the sunny summer months watering will be key.


We ordered an irrigation systems which runs down each bed and can be changed in order to only water certain beds. Once laying it down we realized that it only watered a certain area so we ordered the same amount again so it would cover more surface area for watering. We also have a sprinkle to water in the summer weather.


Up and running ready to go and get planting – in my eyes the most exciting ready to watch the flowers flourish


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